Stephanie and Jay

Start to finish, the people at Gilbertsville Farmhouse made our wedding dreams come true. This place is truly amazing, and all of our family and friends were amazed by the venue. Our guests at the glamping site could not have been happier, and they all promised to be back for a retreat weekend. Katie was our go-to on the weekend itself, and she is a ROCKSTAR. No matter what came up, her response is “we’ll take care of it”. Our wedding day was marked by 30 degree temps and pouring rain, and it didn’t matter in the least. THANK YOU GUYS FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS!!!Read Less

Breanna and Patrick

One of the best, most unique things about Gilbertsville, is that it is somehow simultaneously filled with it's own personality- it's "plug and play" as you can kind of just bring your friends and family and have a ball, yet it is also highly customizable. Sharon effortlessly makes the space perfectly "down home" comfortable yet beyond "instagram worthy" (a comment we've heard over and over about our wedding!) I felt close to both sides of my "roots" - part PBR-slurping backyard fire pit party girl with an outdoorsy fiance, and part fashion-loving NYC woman with a queens-bred future husband. We were sold, and never looked back (Tired brides rejoice!) Something to note about the land and location: As far as vendor options, Gilbertsville is (wonderfully) fairly remote. Be sure to fully consider guest transportation pricing or availability, as well as the cost of "shipping in" vendors. We happily but potentially cost-prohibitively paid for travel for several of our NYC-based and Hudson valley-based vendors. Especially New York City girls- Think about your MUAs, florists+photographers, as the style of more remote vendors may not be the same style as you'd find in the city. While these things can require a bit more legwork on the front end, on the back end, blending our City vendors with our Remote vendors+location created such a great experience. Pulling up to Gilbertsville after a long drive in the mountains on the weekend of our wedding, breathing in the air and feeling free from the frenzy of the city, was a feeling I'll never forget. One of the things that makes all these things I've mentioned "work" so wonderfully is the Boustani family (and extended family- love ya, Katie!). Even if the actual, incredibly breathtaking and wonderful spaces of the property weren't perfect, even if the barn wasn't the absolute best place to throw a bonfire and chandelier-filled fiesta of love, even if so many things didn't come ready made easy, effortlessly coordinated or provided by Sharon, we would want to have our wedding at Gilbertsville simply because of the Boustanis. Their creativity, patience, kindness, expertise, gut intuition for all-things-hosting, and extreme dedication were worth every penny. Story time: My Kesha-iest of bridesmaids had one too many tequila shots, and ended up "falling asleep" on a couch located in the barn. For the first time ever, they moved some tables around, and DROVE A GOLF CART into the barn in order to back up the golf toward toward my friend as my other bridesmaids lovingly rolled her into the back of it, and brought her up to the cabin village to be tucked in safely away from a slept-terribly-wrong backache (especially thoughtful as she had a 20 hr. flight to Australia the next day). As far as I could tell hearing the stories the next morning, they were enjoying the humor of the situation as much as everyone else- jolly and just doing a freaking phenomenal mega-watt rock star job, laughing and being patient along the way. A wedding is such a huge, faceted team effort. You really cannot ask for better people to celebrate alongside you, as you ALL pull off such a wonderful once-in-a-lifetime celebration-blowout together. I will recommend Gilberstville farmhouse and really any adventures the Boustanis set their sights on, with my whole heart to anyone and everyone who will listen. This is more than a hidden gem, my guess is that it's becoming a New York-area wedding-event-getaway-adventure-destination legend.

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Erin and Chris

THE BEST DECISION WE EVER MADE. I feel like nothing I write will even do this venue justice. From the second we got there (in freezing February) we knew it was the place we wanted to be married. It’s unlike anywhere I have ever had a wedding, and Sharon and her team were super accommodating. The glamping tents were amazing, getting married on the hill was a dream, and having a welcome party in the milking barn is an experience everyone is still talking about. The reception was beautiful with the chandeliers in the barn. It honestly was such an amazing combo of rustic and class. All of us keep saying how we wish we could do it over and over. Sharon worked with me early on to make sure that this venue would work for us, and we really felt like family when we were there. It was a hike for our entire family in downstate NY, but zero regrets from anyone!


Daniella and Sharisse

Magical is the one word that comes to mind when we think of Gilbertsville. We truly had the wedding of our dreams!! Sharon and team worked so hard to make us and our guests truly feel special. The venue is simply breathtaking. The energy that you get from it? LOVE! The venue itself is so beautiful that it doesn’t need much to give it the charm that you’re looking for. Our guests are still raving about how they have never experienced a wedding like ours. Thank you Gilbertsville Farmhouse for making our dreams come true!! We will be back for a couple’s retreat!!


Kamelle and Keith

We had the loveliest wedding at Gilbertsville Farmhouse. It was such an amazing experience for myself, groom, glampers and guests. Sharon and her family are amazing and made sure we had an amazing wedding weekend. The property is beautiful; it includes 10 glamping tents, and house that selected guests can stay for their wedding weekend. We got married on a beautiful hilltop, enjoyed the milking parlor for the rehearsal dinner and cocktail hour and had our reception in the glamorous barn. Our wedding was almost a month ago and our guests are still raving about it. The property was everything I dreamt of for a wedding and so much more.