It all started when...

Goats have been a part of Gilbertsville Farmhouse since 2015, when we fell in love with two beautiful Alpine/LaMancha baby goats.  We brought them to our farm as pets, bottle fed them, and made them a part of our family.  They are sisters, one is a brunette and one is a blonde and we named them Thelma & Louise.  In 2016, we decided to add to our tiny herd. During the girls' breeding "dates" at a neighboring goat farm, we fell in love again.  This time, with a tiny Nubian goat with big floppy ears. She looked like the runt of the litter and way too tiny for the purposes of the farm where she lived.  Noticing our interest, the goat farmer asked - "do you want her?"  Without hesitation or planning, we said - "YES!!"  That afternoon Lyla joined our brood.

In July 2016, Thelma gave birth to another pair of beautiful sisters, Marianne & Ginger.  Our first experience at goat-birthing was super easy.  We woke up, went into our goat barn and there they were.  Two gorgeous newborns!  Thelma did it all by herself.  Since then, it's been the five girls, Thelma, Louise, Lyla, Marianne and Ginger, living happy goat lives at our farm.  Not only are they happy, but they make us happy too.  Every night, Katie, our very own Goat Whisperer, and our kids let the goats out to wander and play.  That's sacred "goat-time" around here.  We have learned that goat therapy is real.

On Easter 2017, our children (with Katie's help) surprised us with our two newest additions - two Nigerian Dwarf goats, a boy and a girl!  We were beyond thrilled.  They are mini goats that will only grow to 2 feet, they are adorable and they are perfect for... GOAT YOGA.  Oh, and their names - Forrest and Jenny!  Enchanted by their affectionate dispositions and adorable antics,  we quickly decided we wanted more.  The following week, we brought home Bonnie, Clyde and Sydney.   


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