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  Gilbertsville Farmhouse x Rachel Liz & Lindsay Stephany Presents:

Creative Photography Workshop May 2019

After attending numerous workshops across the country and having seen what the market is lacking in education, we have decided to combine efforts with educators to deliver a valuable workshop and unmatched experience. The entrepreneurial powerhouse behind Gilbertsville Farmhouse and the award-winning photographers, Rachel Liz and Lindsay Stephany have teamed together to provide a workshop that brings true value and tactical skill to boost creativity and your brand.

Let’s build a better brand

Our goal is to deliver skills to help you grow as an artist and photographer.

Sharon Boustani (left) and Victoria Boustani (right) Mother-Daughter team behind Gilbertsville Farmhouse.

Sharon Boustani (left) and Victoria Boustani (right) Mother-Daughter team behind Gilbertsville Farmhouse.


  • Shooting in Manual – Refine your skills on how to shoot in manual to create the image and light that you want. Build the photos and aesthetic that you envision and therefore, build a better portfolio.

  • Business/Client Interaction – Stop getting ghosted. Learn how to reel in your clients and have them begging for your services. Create a need, create a trust, create cash.

  • Editing – finding your style, live editing session with Rachel and Lindsay


  • Headshots – Take inviting and attractive headshots with Rachel and Lindsay to freshen up your site

  • Portfolio – One-on-One portfolio reviews with Lindsay and Rachel to strategize and clarify your brand and your work


  • Brand – Rebuild your brand with the confidence to be yourself. Complete exercises that will help you find your brand through your own value and deliver it to the market with authority that will get you PAID.

  • Portfolio – 3 styled shoots in one workshop! (Holy Sh*t) Do you know how much these things cost?! Make your money back on this alone! One is at sunrise!! 😱. Connect with vendors in the area who you can collaborate with on future shoots.

  • Network – This isn’t one of those huge workshops where it’s hard to make friends. This is an intimate 2 days with educators and hosts alongside you all day long. All activities will be shared together on the grounds. Say goodbye to scrolling through your phone during free time. By the end of this thing, you’ll have real friends in your industry. You’re welcome.

Be Inspired:

  • Entrepreneurship is no joke and no one knows that more than Sharon and Aldo Boustani. A husband and wife boss team that has been making their own pay-check for 25 years. Not without their own fears and failures, they have built themselves into industries from scratch. Be inspired by their story and tenacity that will fill you with the energy that will carry you into your own wilderness. Joined in 2017 by their daughter, Victoria who comes with an eye for growth, innovation, and strategy. As a photographer and experienced in both marketing and media content and is taking those skills to join her parents in the world of entrepreneurs. Share, ask, listen, cry together, and hustle together. That’s what the Boss-tani’s are all about.

This is an investment not a risk.

A valuable workshop at an affordable cost. No fluff. Get the tools you need to move forward in your business.

What’s included:

Lodging: Stay in the glamping village in a gorgeous glamping tent fitted with 1 king bed, or in the glamorous farmhouse suite fitted with 1 kind bed, all lodging on the Gilbertsville Farmhouse grounds.

Food: All meals are included: 2 Breakfasts, 2 lunches, and 2 dinners. Alcohol is BYOB (Must be 21 and over).

Classes: All classes, styled shoots, and activities are included in the ticket price.


1 Room: 1 Work-shopper ($1,400.00)

1 Room: 1 Work-shopper + 1 Guest ($1,800.00)

1 Room: 2 Work-shoppers ($2,000.00)