What makes your venue different from other traditional venues?


A Gilbertsville Farmhouse wedding is unique event that will be talked about for years.  Our couples have reached out to us years after their wedding, saying that their guests still refer to their wedding as "the best they have ever been to", and here’s why:

1.     We are a farm venue in upstate New York.  Many of today’s couples are young professionals who lead very busy lives in the city.  When thinking about their wedding, they are looking for something different and separate from the chaos of everyday life.  That is why farm venues are so popular.  A country setting is everything the city is not.  It is quiet, tranquil, scenic and stress-free.  Time goes by slowly, like a warm summer breeze.   You linger and relish every moment.  Gilbertsville Farmhouse is 125 acres of scenic farmland that wrap around you like a blanket the moment you arrive.  That feeling will remain with you and your guests all weekend and will fill your memories for years.  

2.    Gilbertsville Farmhouse has two distinct and beautiful barns.  It is hard to pick a favorite.  Our milking parlor is probably the most unique barn you will find.  A space where dairy cows were milked daily, has now become a hip and trendy lounge space with loads of character.   The main reception barn has been described by many industry professionals as one of the most beautiful barns in upstate New York.  It is a stunning display of rustic nature and elegant style.    

3.    Gilbertsville Farmhouse is a weekend destination venue.  There is absolutely no comparison between a weekend wedding and a one-day event anywhere.  At our venue, you enjoy three amazing days celebrating with your closest family and friends.  There are views in every direction, a pond, woods, fields, hammocks, bonfires, lounge chairs, goats, hens, turkeys and TIME… time to savor every part of what will be the best weekend of your life!  

4.    We have GLAMPING!  Glamping = glamorous camping.  If you have never been glamping, you have to try it.  If you have been glamping before, you have to glamp here.   Every couple that has stayed in our glamping village leaves with these words: When can we come back? 

5.    We love what we do.  We are a family of six, originally from Queens, NY, who are in love with this property, this lifestyle and this business.  Every day, we thank God and the universe for blessing us with a business that we enjoy and share with our children, a home where we are close to nature and closer to each other and the strength, courage and creativity it took to create Gilbertsville Farmhouse so that we can share all of this and all of ourselves with you.  Gilbertsville Farmhouse is more than a business – it is a blessing and a gift.


The average Gilbertsville Farmhouse wedding for 150 guests costs $30,000.00 - $35,000.00.  

There are many ways to trim your budget.  With strategic planning, your budget can be as low as $22,000.00. 

A more lavish wedding can cost about $50,000.00.

Keep in mind that these budgets are for an entire weekend event, Friday through Sunday.   This is very important when comparing different venues and wedding options.

We can email you sample budgets if requested.

What time do weddings end? IS there a curfew?

Yes and no.  Receptions here end at 11pm.  BUT, that is not when your celebration ends.

 Let us explain… ceremonies normally begin at around 3 pm (sometimes 4pm).  Cocktail hour at around 3:30-4:30pm.  Then dinner.  Then dancing.  Then cake and more dancing. At around sunset (9-ish), we light your first bonfire in the firepit on the lawn behind the barn. Bonfire, after-dinner drinks, more dancing.  That lasts until the end of your reception.  By 11pm, your guests have had a fun and full day of activities and this time is a very natural end time for your event.

After your main event guests have left, we take all overnight guests up to the glamping site.  There, we light your second bonfire in the firepit in the center of the glamping “village”.  This is the beginning of your after-party.  Here, you can continue celebrating, now in a more relaxed and intimate setting with your closest circle of people.  There is NO CURFEW.  

I am concerned about asking my family and friends to travel to a destination wedding. Should I plan my wedding closer to home?

Regarding your wedding and your choice of location - we totally hear you. We are originally from Queens, NY and so we know all about the 3.5 hour drive since we did it every weekend for two years!

We can offer this advice: it is SO worth it and although people will complain (they always do), they will love it and "get it" as soon as they turn into the driveway. We see it all the time. There is something about this place and this area that you can only understand and feel in person. When people arrive here for a weekend or even just for wedding day, they immediately feel it and the relaxation sets in. We think that's what makes our events so much fun - people cannot help but to have a great time when they are so relaxed, connected and happy. The proof is what we hear at almost every wedding... "this is the best wedding I have ever been to!"

In the end you need to feel good about your decisions. Do what your heart tells you - you will only be doing this once. People may complain, but they will come and they will love it!